Yamaha F310

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Yamaha F310 is a full-size dreadnought acoustic guitar. It is the affordable, entry level from Yamaha series of acoustic guitars. The top face of the guitar is Spruce laminate while the back and sides are made of Mahogany laminate. Laminate means that it is not solid wood. It is like compressed wood or you can say ‘better quality plywood’. Neck is constructed of Nato wood and the fingerboard is good quality Rosewood. This makes it an ideal instrument for learners and mid-pro level guitarists.

With new set of strings on the Yamaha F310, actually it sounds like a much expensive guitar. I have the action adjusted a little bit and the sound is phenomenal. Mids and treble is clearer and there is a bit of sustain which is always pleasant to hear on a Yamaha acoustic guitar.

5.5 Total Score
Branded Entry level Guitar

This is a no-frills full sized dreadnought acoustic guitar from the trusted brand Yamaha. The F310 is an excellent guitar for beginners and mid level guitarists.

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Yamaha F310 Features

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I have also embedded a video of this guitar for your convenience. You can make a decision based on the sound quality and also the pros and cons I have listed below.

Yamaha F310 Pros & Cons

  • Standard length and good brand value
  • Full bright tone with better balance than most guitars in this price range

  • Non-cutaway model of acoustic guitar which means it gets difficult to play higher than 14th fret. However, 95% notes that you will play as a beginner will fall above 10th fret.
  • Laminate wood can never match the quality of solid wood but again, that comes with a price
  • Does not come with pre-fitted pick-up
  • The package does not contain any accessories like gig bag, tuner, etc.

Yamaha F310 Price Comparison

Prices keep on fluctuating. Hence, we include price alert for you. Just leave your email id and we will inform you when the price goes down. Therefore, no need for you to keep checking again and again.

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Yamaha F310 Customer Reviews

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Its better if I include at least one positive and one negative review from Buyers about each of these Yamaha Acoustic Guitars. After all you should get the full and clear picture to decide which guitar to buy. Isn’t it?

Positive Review from a Buyer

There is this review from one of the buyers on Amazon and I really agree with him 100% – “I have been playing guitar for last 2 years and I have owned 2 guitars, one from Pluto and another from Granada. The difference in quality that you get with Yamaha is phenomenal. Since the action is set up perfectly, it is so much easier to play barre chords and solos. I would recommend any beginner to buy this rather than going with any other cheap Indian/Chinese guitars. Your hands will thank you.”

Negative Review from a Buyer

Another reviewer at Amazon writes that he was conned. He got a damaged product without ‘Amazon Seal’. Here is what he wrote: “I received it in an open unsealed box.The guitar inside came with a damaged head and the sound quality was definitely not upto the mark.I trust amazon,but now I have a strong doubt in my mind that the product was somehow replaced with this inferior one while in transit.Moreover,there was no ‘Amazon Seal’ at all.”

My suggestion to such people is that whenever you receive anything without seal from any Online seller, don’t accept the package. Return it as it is. Firstly, Amazon will immediately scrutinize and take action. Secondly, you might get rewarded with brownie points too.

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