Xtag Guitar

Xtag Guitar is a brand which makes cheap acoustic guitars for beginners. Xtag Guitar is recently picking up on the charts. This is due to the influx of a large number of Chinese made guitars, . Frankly, there are a lot many options to choose from as far as cheap or beginner’s guitars are concerned. Hence, Xtag is merely one of the many choices you have when it comes to choosing your first guitar. I wouldn’t recommend it to guitarists who already have a guitar and have reached a particular skill level. Xtag guitar is strictly made for first timers.

Xtag Guitar List

The Xtag Guitars are available in two main variants. Both variants are cutaway style models. Cutaway refers to a arch shaped curve in the body of the guitar so that it is easier to play frets below 14th fret.

40 Inch Cutaway Model

Xtag Guitar - 40 inch

This Xtag acoustic guitar is ideal for beginners since it has a scale length of 40 inches. Smaller scale length ensures less strain on fingers. Hence, beginners will experience less pain while practicing. The body is made of compressed or laminated basswood. Laminated wood is common in cheap guitars. It is not natural wood, rather, it is like plywood. Neck and fingerboard is made of rosewood. Combo versions of this guitar are also available. Most combos have guitar stand, gig bag, plectrums, strap and tuner. Hence it is a wise decision to go for such combos.


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41 Inch Cutaway Model

Construction of the 41 inch cutaway model from Xtag guitar is same as its 40 inch younger brother. There are only two differences other than the price. Firstly, it is 1 inch longer in scale length. Hence it falls in the Jumbo guitar category. Secondly, this guitar is made out of linden based plywood. Rest all is same as the 40 inch version. This guitar too has combo available as listed below. Furthermore, it has inbuilt pickup too.

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