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After having published our website today we were anxiously looked at the live activity – tensed. Half an hour later things were going well. It was wonderful to see such a brilliant response. Thank you everyone! What was a small trickle in the morning soon became decent numbers – Visitors are still pouring in by the dozen. Which is all very good.

Just thought I would share with you  some interesting ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities we do at PaisaVasool to make your shopping experience better. For demonstration I would walk you through one instance.

This is a small area of the live activity screen with vital customer information hidden (we never share your private data with anyone). So we know this X person from Guwahati was looking for ‘Encre Noire men’s perfume’. This particular product wasn’t listed at our site so he went for Bvlgari perfumes instead.

Moments after receiving this information, we started research on this perfume (we don’t include products without some level of decent research). Price updates and linking done, we could publish this within a couple of hours

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