Top 10 Smartphones in 2016

The phone you carry speaks a lot about your personality. You might not know it, but people take notice  – especially if your phone happens to be a head-turner, chances are you are giving off the right impression about yourself. Having a phone nowadays is no longer a luxury – its a necessity. Given the importance of choosing the right phone and that everyday new models are being launched – its fairly difficult to zero-in on your next cellular acquisition. Lets try to make the choice easier for you with these Top 10 smartphones in 2016.

List of Top 10 smartphones in 2016

Each of these top smartphones in 2016 have been rated on various parameters like Affordability, Compatibility, Ease of Operation, Durability and Status Symbol. We don’t rate phones on the basis of specifications alone – instead, we look at parameters which are important for users – that is you. Without further ado, lets jump into the list of top 10 smartphones in 2016.

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