Top 10 Hand Blenders in India

Hand blenders are a terrific alternative to traditional Mixers and Grinders, what the Indian women call fondly as ‘mixie’. Mixers are cumbersome to extract from the cabinets, especially because of bulky jars and fittings. Hand blenders, on the other hand are far more suitable for small ‘run-of-the-mill’ jobs like making shakes or smoothies or lassy. I have seen (and learnt from) cooking experts making wonderful chutneys and lip smacking curry using these handy devices. In the midst of all this I noted how important a good hand blender is in the Indian cooking arsenal. It is almost indispensable. So, I sat down today to make a list of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India to help you find out the best one that suits your need.

List of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India

At the very beginning, let me tell you a few important things to keep in mind while going through this list:

  • This is a mixed List of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India and is not in any particular order
  • All hand blenders are prone to heating. There is no blender which doesn’t get heated during prolonged use. Hence, you should allow the blender to rest after 2 mins or so of continuous use.
  • All electrical appliances degrade in contact with water. Read instructions on the package carefully before using the hand blender.
  • Hand blenders are convenient for light applications like smoothies, shakes, eggs and light masala etc. For heavy grinding work, better use proper Mixers. Hand blenders are not an alternative to Mixers.

Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend

The Nutri-blend 400 Watt hand blender comes with the seal of trust from famous Indian chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. His company’s products look attractive and so does this particular hand blender. It comes with two inter-changeable jars (500ml and 300ml) with lid and seasoning cap. Furthermore, this blender has 2 sets of stainless steel blades. One for blending and the other for grinding. Most reviews of this product are positive. However, some customers complained about faulty Silicon ring and poor customer care. Apart from that, the Wonderchef Nutri-Blend excels in its work as a handy tool for any decent kitchen.

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Philips HR1350/C 250-Watt Hand Blender

Philips HR1350 comes next in our Top 10 Hand Blenders in India. This blender comes with a detachable plastic bar and Dishwasher proof shaft and accessories. Build quality is good considering this is the most basic and affordable blender. Basic since it comes with just a single fixed blade. You should strictly use this blender in bursts of 30 seconds as advised on the manual. Otherwise it might get unnecessarily heated up. Apart from that, I feel some people might find this blender little difficult to operate in the beginning. However, once you master the art, using this blender is a piece of cake! On the whole, it is a very handy and basic value for money blender from a trusted brand.

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Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix King 350-Watt Hand Blender

Maharaja Whiteline is an indigenous company which makes awesome affordable kitchen equipment suited to Indian cooking. Its Turbomix hand blender comes with 350 Watt motor, which it detachable. It has a 500 ml chopper and a beaker. It also comes with a handy hanging loop to fix the whole set into your kitchen wall. Apart from heating issues, there are no other major issues reported on this product.

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Orpat HHB 100E

The Orpat HHB 100E has a nice, comfort grip and is relatively easier to use than most other blenders I saw. It is apt for people who want the stick only for light applications. I did a ‘masala peeso’ and was thoroughly impressed with it’s performance. It has low power motor of 250 Watts but still quite strong. Chutneys, shakes or smoothies should really come out well with this one. I would advise you to keep this hand blender away from direct water as it has a attached motor. Its better to wash only the blade part and then wipe the whole thing with a clean, dry cloth.

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Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix Plus

This is a modified version of the Maharaja Whiteline turbomix which was second in this list of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India. Major difference is that it comes with 800 ml beaker. The blade shaft is powered by a 350 Watt motor. Good thing is that the unit is detachable and serves well for storage and cleaning. Blades are well designed and their customer service is also good I hear.

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Cello Blend-N-Mix 600

Cello makes incredible products for home and kitchen. Its a very popular brand here in India with at least one Cello product in every decent kitchen. The grip is quite good and they have supplied with proper sized beakers. One is a 500 ml jar and the other is 600 ml. This blender also has variable speed control so you can speed it up for heavier items. Although I hardly use this function, still, it is quite handy for more advanced users. The only problem I found with this blender is that it does not feel sturdy. The attachments sometimes doesn’t get properly locked causing it to wobble. I think, with practice, this problem also goes away. Adjusting to new equipment is always tricky :).

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Prestige PHB 6.0

Prestige has good quality products and this one is quite handy infact. The accessories fit well into each other and the whole unit is quite sturdy. This blender comes with a powerful motor and single blade operation. However, there are two drawbacks you should be aware of before buying. Firstly, you will need to keep pressing the button while chopping or blending. Secondly, Prestige is not very well known for its customer service. Be sure there is a service center near your house before buying.

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Morphy Richards Pronto Deluxe

Morphy Richards Pronto is one of my personal favorites in this list of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India. It features a 300 watts motor with 2 years of warranty. This is enough power for daily kitchen jobs and for almost any type of cooking. The steel blade provided is sharp and quite good quality. Moreover, you can detach the blade part from the top in order to clean it properly. The package also contains a wall mounting bracket so that your hand blender can hang clean and dry on the kitchen wall.

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Prestige PHB 5.0

As I said earlier, the quality of Prestige hand blenders is good, however, same cannot be said of their services. I would suggest you to look up their service centers before buying. Coming to the PHB 5.0 blender, it is the younger brother of PHB 6.0 with small changes in rating etc. I personally didn’t find anything wrong with this product. However, many people have posted reviews about getting defective pieces. So just be careful about nearby serv

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Morphy Richards HBCD SS

Finally, we come to the end of my list of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India. Our final contender is Morphy Richards HBCD SS. This blender has a three speed soft push button which kick-starts a powerful 400 Watt motor. The build quality and durability is impeccable. This hand blender comes in a nicely sealed package containing Hand blender, Chopper attachment, Measuring beaker, Whisker, Instruction manual, Customer care list and Guarantee card. This model also is quite silent and fast. Accessories look good, however they might be cheap plastic. But they do the job well and that’s what we want. Isn’t it?

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I hope you liked reading through my list of Top 10 Hand Blenders in India. Looking forward to comments and suggestions. Have a wonderful day!

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