Top 10 Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India

Hey Guys! I bet you would like to do some guitaring without hurting your pocket too much. Well you have come to the right place. Coz we are going to discuss a very special list of Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India. I created this list with early learners in mind so lets dive into it!

List of Top 10 Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India

At the very beginning, let me tell you a few important things to keep in mind while going through this list:

  • This is a mixed List of Top 10 Cheap Acoustic Guitars in India and is arranged in the order of ascending price. Therefore, cheapest model comes first.
  • I have tried to include guitars within the range of Rs. 5000 only.
  • All the listed Cheap Acoustic Guitars are made of laminated wood, which is kind of plywood used to make low cost guitars. Professional guitarists use Solid wood guitars. But they are very expensive.
  • These are guitars strictly for beginners.

Jixing JXNG Guitar

The sound quality of Jixing Acoustic Guitars is bright. However, a little towards harsher side since it is a 38 inch cutaway model. These are not professional quality, however, for beginners Jixing Acoustic Guitars do quite well. Maybe that is the reason why Jixing Acoustic Guitars are such a hit. So, if you are looking for the cheapest guitar in the entire market, this is it.

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Juarez JRZ38C Guitar

Chinese guitar maker Juarez got everything right with this product for those with tender fingers and short height. This is a 38 inch acoustic guitar with good combos available. It is meant to be a learner’s Guitar and ideal for first timers. You don’t have to invest much to learn and then you can later invest more money if you feel that a new instrument is required.

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Kadence Frontier Series

Kadence Frontier Series guitars are apt for beginners on a tight budget. It is a short scale 39 inch guitar which comes at a very affordable price and with lots of goodies. Best suited for people who are looking for a cheap first guitar. Kadence as a brand is also emerging and the quality of this guitar is a notch above the other two cheap acoustic guitars I listed above.

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Aria Blackwood

Although I am a big fan of Aria guitars and their Japanese technology. However, I don’t like their Blackwood guitar too much. I found that sound quality is not up to the mark. Nevertheless, since it is in my selected price range, I have to put it in my list of cheap acoustic guitars. To see other Aria guitars click here.

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Bronz BL03C

Bronz BL03C-NTG has a Nato neck and rosewood fingerboard. It is 39 inch in length and has a short scale length. There are no electro-acoustics, but this bronz guitar comes in a nice combo with gig bag, tuner etc. It is a good package for people on tight budget, but wanting better material and durability. The combo makes this package all the more attractive too.

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Pluto HW34

I have seen many early students give up because of the pain they feel on their tender fingers. That is why Pluto guitars have made this 34 inch guitar especially for children. This will allow the child to give more focus on scales, patterns and chord formation rather than getting bogged down with painful hands. The guitar weighs less than 2 Kg. The rosewood back and sides give a very solid tone to the overall loudness of this guitar. Pluto HW34 is loud despite being small. Finger board is ultra smooth, made of rosewood too.

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Jimm Acoustic Guitars

These guitars sound ok, but a little too cheap sounding for me. The overall look and feel is good but I personally didn’t like the tuning pegs. These are made of cheap white plastic. I recommend to change tuning keys once you purchase the guitar. Maybe the action will need a little bit adjustment too.

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Xtag X40C

The Xtag X40C acoustic guitar is ideal for beginners since it has a total length of 40 inches and hence smaller scale length. Smaller scale length ensures less strain on fingers. Hence, beginners will experience less pain while practicing. The body is made of compressed or laminated basswood. Laminated wood is common in Cheap Acoustic Guitars. It is not natural wood, rather, it is like plywood. Neck and fingerboard is made of rosewood. Combo versions of this guitar are also available. Most combos have guitar stand, gig bag, plectrums, strap and tuner. Hence it is a wise decision to go for such combos.

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Pluto HW39

Pluto HW39 is a 39 inch cutaway guitar is made for adult beginners. This guitar has all the goodness of HW34 Kid’s guitar extrapolated to a larger version. It has a laminated Sitka Spruce top which gives nice overall tone projection. Furthermore, with a beech neck and rosewood fingerboard, this guitar is sturdily constructed. The package weighs under 3 Kgs. Some of the sellers offer a gig bag and some plectrums free with this 20 fret guitar. Some sellers include an Allen key to adjust truss rod, but not all. There seems to be general difference in the package contents for different sellers. However, all in all, Amazon is offering a good deal on these Pluto guitars.

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Kaps ST – 10AC

Kaps ST – 10AC is a 40 inch cutaway guitar for beginners. It has a Laminated Pyne Wood top with toon wood back and sides. Laminated wood brings down the price of Cheap Acoustic Guitars to an affordable level. Furthermore, neck is made of toon wood and fingerboard is made of Rosewood. Moreover, it comes with built-in pick-up. Thus the guitar can be played with an Amplifier cabinet. This is a good guitar for absolute beginners looking for something within budget and to last for at least 3 – 4 years. After which beginners turn into pro level and they would be looking for better solid wood guitars.

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