Top 10 Best Steam Iron in India

Hello friends! Did you know that steam helps to straighten out wrinkles while ironing clothes. Yes ! It does. And that is the reason why our traditional ‘dhobis’ in India sprinkle some water over clothes before ironing them. Clever, isn’t it? If you have been using a dry iron all these years, chances are that you would be using a dry iron which does not have a water chamber. Steam irons are different from normal simple irons in the sense that they can produce steam and help in taking out stubborn wrinkles effectively. I have made a list of Best Steam Iron in India to help you out in selecting a model which is suitable for you.

Best Steam Iron in India Top 10

At the very beginning, let me tell you a few important things to keep in mind while going through this list:

  • This is a mixed List of Top 10 Best Steam Iron in India and is not in any particular order
  • First plug in and switch on the iron. Then wait for your iron to heat up before pouring in water. Otherwise the iron will invariably leak. Most people have not followed this procedure and written negative reviews on shopping sites.
  • All electrical appliances degrade in contact with water. Read instructions on the package carefully before using your steam iron.
  • All steam irons can be used as dry irons also. So even if you don’t pour water, the iron will still work. It will not produce steam that’s all.

Philips GC1905

Philips makes awesome products and this one is typical Philips quality. This hot selling steam iron draws 1440 Watts of power which is quite decent and can be handled on most inverters. It comes with a Linished soleplate which is quite good quality too. This steam iron is apt for all kinds to clothes and is Best Steam Iron in India right now. The GC1905 is top best seller on Amazon too.

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Bajaj Majesty MX 3

Bajaj Majesty MX 3 is a basic, affordable model from Bajaj Electricals, India. It comes with Non-stick coated sole plate and self cleaning feature. I highly recommend this iron for those who need something pocket friendly and just enough to take care of daily household laundry. It has rated power of 1250 Watts which is sufficient enough as well as less drain on your energy bill. Bajaj after sales services are also quite good. Hence, it makes a lot of sense for basic households.

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Morphy Richards Super Glide

Morphy Richards Super Glide comes with many handy features albeit , with a price. Besides having self cleaning and Ceramic coated soleplate, this 2000 Watt steam iron offers much more. The best feature it has is ‘vertical steaming’ which means that it can be used on clothes like suits and blazers while hanging. That’s very handy in case you just need to quickly de-wrinkle your clothes.

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Havells Sparkle

Havells is a company known for its focus on safety. Hence, keeping in line with their USP (Unique selling proposition), they have designed an ‘Over heat safety protection circuit’ in this iron. Overall, it is a sturdy product and lightweight too. Apart from its nice ‘look and feel’ and affordability, there is another good thing about this steam iron. It supports vertical steaming which is handy for ironing hanging blazers or coats.

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Orpat OEI-607

Orpat makes the steam iron much more affordable for the common man.  There are no fancy features as Orpat has kept it very basic. However, it still comes with Non-stick sole plate and Leak proof water tank to make the offer very attractive. With a very light-weight frame this iron draws just 1100 Watts of power. Flip side of lower Wattage is that it takes more time than other irons. Still, I have featured this iron in my list of Best Steam Iron in India due to its low price.

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Inalsa Orbit

Inalsa Orbit is another affordable steam iron in this list after the Orpat 607. This iron too features Non stick coated sole plate with steam, spray and self cleaning functions. It consumes only 1200 Watts of power which is good for light ironing, mainly cotton clothes. This iron is not much suitable for coats and tough material. Hence, if that is what you need an iron for, look at Morphy Richards or Philips.

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Bajaj majesty MX 7

Although Bajaj MX7 is rated just 1200 Watts, still it does a lot better than its rated potential. This maybe because they use more efficient heating filaments. This iron comes with a Non-stick coated sole plate and Self cleaning facility. The power cord can be rotated 360 degree which is very good to reach inside sleeves and other areas where wrinkles get accumulated. This iron also supports ‘vertical heating’ feature for ironing hanging clothes.

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Philips GC4865

Philips GC4865 is a well built and sturdy steam iron. It draws 2400 Watts which is bit high and might cause fluctuations. But positive side is that it gets heated very early and produces super-heated steam jets which help in quicker ironing. This iron comes with SteamGlide soleplate which is considered the best Philips soleplate. Its water tank capacity is quite high and hence it produces more steam too. Since it is so heavy-duty, this iron is apt for joint families or hostels etc. where there is bulk ironing work and you need a quick and reliable steam iron.

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Morphy Richards Turbo

This is a 1800 Watt steam iron with decent build quality and a non-stick sole plate. Steam distribution is even and precise. Furthermore, Morphy Richards seems to have taken cue from negative reviews and included an anti-drip feature in this iron. Thus, if you pour water and use this iron even before it gets warm, the water will not leak out. It also has a vertical steaming feaure just like Morphy Richards Super Glide, number 3 in this list of Best Steam Iron in India.

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Philips EasySpeed GC1903

The last contender in my list of Best Steam Iron in India is Philips EasySpeed GC 1903. Everything in this iron speaks of speed. It gets heated fast. You can load the water tank fast and it gets empty quickly too. This saves a lot of time for you. Whats more, this iron comes with Linished soleplate and a 2 year warranty on the product against manufacturing defect. Quite a deal.

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Hope you enjoyed going through my list of Best Steam Iron in India. I would love to see your comments and suggestion and will take any questions you might have to help you make a better purchase, so stay tuned!

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