Sony PS4 1 TB Gaming Console

Immerse in the world of graphics and be a part of strongly connected gaming community with Sony PS4 1 TB. Integrated with a huge line-up of games, exceptional performance and share play option. PS4 is one of the most powerful consoles ever made. It has a slim, sleek and jet black body that sports an asymmetrical design. A single-chip custom processor is installed in this console that runs your game without any glitch.

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PS4 comes with tons of improvements over PS3 version. You need to play it to experience it. Read more in the description section below

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It has 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU that delivers smooth performance. The 8 GB graphic card of Sony PS4 1 TB enables you to play graphic intensive games in an engaging manner. With DualShock 4 controller, you can feel every hit & crash in the game more intuitively. There is a ‘share’ button available on this controller which enables you to show-off your greatest gaming moments to your friends.  The touch pad, speaker, 3.5 mm built-in audio jack and coloured light bar on the controller further enhance your gaming experience immensely. This Sony Playstation 4 comes with 1 TB storage space. It provides you an opportunity to save as many games as you want on this PlayStation console.

AMD Jaguar CPU & 8 GB Graphic Card

Sony PS4 1 TB is a treat for every gaming enthusiast. It has performance-oriented hardware installed inside it that ensures smooth execution of commands. Equipped with 8-core Jaguar x86-64 AMD CPU and a 1.84 TFLOPS AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphic engine, Sony PS4 1 TB delivers smooth & consistent results. It comes with 8 GB graphic card that ensures superior gaming experience to the user.

Available in 500 GB & 1TB Storage Capacity Versions

You can save limitless games on PS4 as it incorporates an outstanding capacity of 500 GB / 1TB. With Sony PS4 1 TB, you won’t face any space crunch ever. Download any game you want & share it with your friends to enjoy gaming like never before.

Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller

Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Sony PS4 1 TB features with DualShock 4 wireless controller. It provides you an intuitive and engaging gaming experience that is highly engrossing. This controller is equipped with pressure sensors in each of its buttons. The improved analog sticks and trigger buttons allow for unparalleled accuracy with every move. Having a multi-touch, clickable touch pad, integrated light bar and speaker, you can experience new & innovative ways to interact within the game with DualShock 4.

Connectivity Options of Sony PS4 1 TB

Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Sony PS4 1 TB provides you the flexibility of attaching external drives & cables to it. You can connect your PS4 to your TV screen for enjoying big screen gaming experience. It comes with two USB ports, one AUX port, one HDMI port and a digital output port that makes gaming more convenient.

  • No worries or hassles about online requirements, used games, long term ownership
  • Cheaper than Xbox One
  • Powerful build
  • Lots of quality first party studios such as Naughty Dog
  • Much improved control pad
  • Better User Interface
  • Much smaller box

  • General lack of reliability when it comes to online services and updates
  • Prone to overheating
  • Lack of support for external hard-drives

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