Samsung Galaxy ON5

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Samsung Galaxy ON5
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Samsung Galaxy ON5 is a dual SIM offering in budget segment. It comes with Android Lollipop operating system which is not the latest one but still stands a good chance to upgrade soon. Screen is 5 inches Capacitive which is quite sensitive, responsive and sharp. Although the inbuilt memory is only 8GB, you can still expand to a huge 128 GB with use of memory card. The phone is powered by 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad Core Processor which has a considerable reputation in the market. Cameras are cool – 8 megapixel on the main camera and 5 on the selfie camera. And yes, RAM is 1.5 GB – I consider it enough for multitasking although some gadget gurus feel 2GB would have been better. That’s most part of the specifications in short. We will further see if this phone is really worth buying.

Good ! So here is my review scores for Samsung Galaxy ON5:

7.6 Total Score

Perfect for someone who has multiple phone numbers and wants to use 4G. Samsung has styled this one well enough to be your long standing partner!

Battery Backup
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I have given less in Style and Battery backup. This is because I found that although one handed operation is easy on this phone, still the Samsung Galaxy ON5 is a bit on thicker side. Regarding backup, I found it bit low. It took about 14 hours to go from 100% battery to 22% battery. During this time I played a little Temple Run and Clash of Clans. I did few SMSs and loaded a few apps too. But when I turned on Power Saving mode, I could prolong use it for 6 hours more before I put it to charge again with 5% battery remaining.

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  • Excellent display – I am really in love with the sharp colors and touch sensitivity
  • No bloat-ware – I like that! You will not have to deal with many idiotic apps that Samsung used to give in J series phones
  • Dual SIM 4 G support which makes it ideal for people with two different numbers or networks
  • Back cover has a leathery feel to it which is welcome. Really hated that plain plastic feel of earlier Samsung models.

  • Camera interface has more lag compared to other phones at this price. Sometimes when I open the camera app, it takes few nano seconds to load. But when I kill all apps and then load camera it obviously comes alive in less time – only fractions of nano seconds I guess
  • Only 8GB – I need more ! However, if you are wanting less apps – this will serve well. Better use a good memory card to expand. What say?
  • No ambient light sensor – so you will not find the Auto adjust function in screen backlight – actually I don’t mind that too much

Reviews by Customers

I saw on Amazon that one particular person has put the following negative review:

Negative Review on Amazon

My sister bought this directly from samsung india e-store and here is what her experience has been so far.

1. There is lag with normal usage.
2 The camera is NOT up to the mark.
3. The touch screen is not very responsive.
4. The camera App that come pre-installed doesn’t give an option to enable Flash. God knows how to use flash on this mobile without an option to enable it.
5. And this point is hilarious: There is no LED notifications on this phone. Yes, you read it correct, when your mobile is in sleep mode, you can not get alerts (neither through ring /led lights). So you need to keep checking phone now on then to find message from whats up , FB app.
6. When my sister installed an external LED notifications app to check if that workaround works, then it switches the flash !

My Answers to the Negative review

Now let me answer these issues one by one. First, I feel this person got a defective product and could return it immediately. There is no other customer who has reported these issues and after handling the Samsung Galaxy ON5 personally, I can assure you that 1, 2 and 3 of his concerns are not true. Coming to camera flash, its right there upon opening the stock camera app. LED notifications are also coming – I double checked on that just now. His point number 6 makes me firmly believe this is defective phone. Either he might upgrade it via the Over The Air (OTA) update or try to do so through Samsung Kies. If that doesn’t work, he can simply return it to Amazon or wherever he bought it from. I am sure they would replace it provided the stipulated time is not over.

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