Samson C03

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Samson C03
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Samson C03 is the big brother of the entry level Samson C01. It is basically the same microphone as the C01 with a few extra features. We will discuss more on the features below but first let us take a look at its review score on our scale of parameters. Basically it scores same as its younger brother except for price and features.

5.4 Total Score
Handy Condenser

This mic is so affordable and with good usable features that it could be kept as a second vocal mic or to record room effect or an ensemble.

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Samson C03 Features

Main features of this large diaphragm condenser microphone are as follows:

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This microphone can be used in a wide range of applications such as ensemble or drum overheads etc. Since it has these cool selector switches. The first selection switch is for bass cut-off. It is basically a high pass filter switch. Flick this switch on if you are going to record boomy percussion or heavy bass sources. Next comes the 10 db pad button. This is used to reduce the gain by 10 db. Hence, it should be flicked on while recording loud sources of sound such as drums. There is a third selector switch behind the mic which takes care of the polar pattern. You can switch between Super Cardioid, Omni and figure-8 pickup patterns. This is a really cool feature since it allows you to experiment with collection of sources in much more creative way.

Full Specifications

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Samson C03 Pros & Cons

  • Comes at affordable price with cool features such as bass roll off, 10 db padding and polar pattern selection switch. Thus, it can be used to record a wide range of sound sources.
  • Very good choice for low budget instrumental recording.

  • Just like the Samson C01, it is little too muffled on the mid and bass frequencies. Therefore, you may have to adjust EQ at mixer or in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Does not come with pop filter or shock mount. The swivel mount provided with the mic is not of a very good quality. It also does not come with XLR cable.

Samson C03 Price Comparison

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Samson C03 Customer Reviews

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