Pluto Acoustic Guitars

First of all, Pluto Acoustic Guitars have carved a niche for themselves in the beginner’s guitar segment. They are well suited for young learners, especially kids. Kids have soft fingers that can get seriously hurt while pressing steel strings against the fret-board. Many early students give up because of this pain. Pluto Guitars have skillfully made guitars better suited for tender fingers. However, there are other models for adults as well. After a quick overall scoring, I will take you through each of the five models that Pluto Acoustic Guitars have on offer.

I have scored each guitar with regard to price point, popularity, negative reviews and my own judgement combined. If you disagree with me at any point, just use the comments box below. One thing to note here is that while these guitars have been made keeping in mind the difficulties of a beginner, the guitars themselves are quite sturdy. Superior build quality is evident once you pick the guitar up and hold it in your hands. Consistently with all models. Again, different sellers are giving away different combos with this and all of Pluto acoustic guitars. Also, there is a general lack of info regarding the product as well as combo offers on online sites in India.  I would take a look at who is offering the best deal if I were you. 🙂

List of Pluto Acoustic Guitars

Pluto HW34 Guitar for Kids

This is the flagship 34 inch guitar made specifically for kids. This guitar virtually takes the burden of pain away from the kid. This will allow the child to give more focus on scales, patterns and chord formation rather than getting bogged down with painful hands. The guitar weighs less than 2 Kg. The rosewood back and sides give a very solid tone to the overall loudness of this guitar. This is loud despite being small. Finger board is ultra smooth, made of rosewood too.

5.5/10 Read review
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Pluto HW39

This 39 inch cutaway guitar is made for adult beginners. This guitar has all the goodness of HW34 extrapolated to a larger version. With a beech neck and rosewood fingerboard, this guitar is sturdily constructed. The package weighs under 3 Kgs. Some of the sellers offer a gig bag and some plectrums free with this 20 fret guitar. Some sellers include an Allen key to adjust truss rod, but not all. There seems to be general difference in the package contents for different sellers. However, all in all, Amazon is offering a good deal on these Pluto guitars.

60 %
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Pluto HW41

This is the full-sized cutaway model from Pluto acoustic guitars. As the name suggests, it is a 41 inch 6-stringer. Furthermore, its Body is made of spruce and the pasting work seems to be good. Nice finishing and the joints look seamless on a new guitar. Strumming is quite easy and modern chrome tuners are a welcome change over the HW39 model.

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Pluto HW41C

The HW41C model from Pluto Acoustic guitars is a non-electric cutaway version (no pick-up). Rest all the details of construction, etc. are same as HW41 model above. This guitar boasts of Modern chrome tuners coupled with impeccably robust construction.

6.2/10 Read review
62 %
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Pluto HW41CE

And here is the acoustic-electric model at slightly higher price than its non-electric counterpart. The HW41CE is an Acoustic-electric model and sports a cutaway design as well. It comes with a pre-fitted pick-up so that you can plug it in on some amplifier kit. This guitar projects awesome balanced sound with pro-level tonal qualities.

6.3/10 Read review
63 %
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Tips for Pluto Acoustic Guitars

Personally, I like the HW41CE model because of the pick-up pre-installed. i don’t care much about the bag and picks which is just peanuts if you know what I mean. The objective is to buy the best available guitar within one’s budget and go ahead to make some awesome music with it. In analysis and paralysis, that objective shouldn’t be lost. Thus, if you can afford it, Pluto guitars can deliver great value.

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