Panasonic HC-V160

The HC-V160 Full HD Camcorder from Panasonic makes it easy to capture your subjects in Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, whether far away or close-up. It features a wide-angle lens with a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 32.3mm and a large 38x optical and 77x intelligent zoom range for capturing far away subjects. To deliver clearer images, especially at long focal lengths, the camcorder has built-in image stabilization to help correct from shakes and jitters when shooting handheld. For easy operation without the hassle of manually controlling settings, an intelligent Auto (iA) mode is available that automatically adjusts image settings and activates functions for optimal results. In addition to video, the camcorder also takes up to 8.9 Megapixel still images.

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HD Ready and with minimum frills - this cam is for the pocket conscious beginners.

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Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes! This time it comes, in the avatar of Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder. Moments in front of your eyes, gets saved as to visit in future. Time flies, but the memories captured in these camcorder helps you revisit them, time and again. Some funny videos, or those sobby & sentimental moments of your close knits, or may be recording those stunning city you just visited. This camcorder records, them all in video and picture formats. Picture quality, proves the pixel perfection that Panasonic Camcorder comes with.

Zoom Around
The Camcorder that Panasonic has brought here, is loaded with 77x zooming capacity. Though the body is designed in most compact manner, it is capable of zooming in and yet delivering excellent quality of videos and images. With Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder, you can easily shoot the faraway objects, to amplify your recording ability.

Stable Image
It’s a natural to be shaken at moments, while recording outdoors. It happens so, even while shooting indoor. Shaken hands, leads to blur images of the object you were waiting to click and shoot. But with Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder, stay content over this issue, as it comes with the image stabilizer. This very feature helps to attain stability of images, even when you’re shooting on a zooming mode.

Broader Dimension
Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder is loaded with the ability to capture broader images and videos, in one single frame. The 32.3 mm of wide angle, gives platform to capturing images with larger width. So, all those group photos and videos; wouldn’t cut-down on that bunch of special people you need to capture on one single frame.

Startling Sensor
Sensor works wonders for the photography and shooting, if designed correctly. Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder comes with one such smart sensor, in the name of BMI Sensor. Yes, it’s this very sensor that capture easy-to-see and crystal clear images, even when the light is low. Making, indoor shooting equally enjoyable as the outdoor ones.

Futuristic Features
The images and videos you shoot, needs a better amount of garnishing to spice it up. Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder comes housed with myriad such features. To name a few of them; you can enjoy the Miniature Effect, 8 mm Movie, Silent Movie, Time Lapse Recording, etc. Feel free to play with your video mode.

Intelligence Imbibed
Intelligence of this very camcorder, is to make all your operational work of the shooting easy! With Panasonic HC-V160 HD Camcorder you can load the iA Mode. This is the automatic mode, that automatically senses the shooting situation and alters the setting accordingly. This means, better quality and creative clicks, with less hassle over setting the modes!

  • Zoom range/performance
  • Easy to use
  • Image stabilization
  • Large clear LCD

  • Image quality is somewhat poor
  • No other cons – Its best for beginners

Panasonic HC-V160 Price List

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