Hand Painted Kettles for Decoration

Add color to your drawing / dining room with these eye-catching Hand Painted Kettles. Each of these Hand Painted Kettles is unique in its depiction of vibrant Indian art and culture. These unique pieces of art are not just used to decorate your living space. We can also use these Hand Painted Kettles to serve piping hot tea! (Refer care instructions)

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Some of these tea pots have hilarious one liners written on them – like “Pot Tea Chee Chee” and “Dekho Magar Pyar Se” in Hindi. Others are dabbed in eye-catching colors and prints. Pick one of these Hand Painted Kettles for your drawing room. Select a prominent place place to keep the decorative kettle. A place where guests can admire and envy your latest acquisition. And be sure to point them to Paisa Vasool if they ask you the million dollar question “Kahan se liya?” – and rest assured, they will ask you.

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Hand Painted Kettles Price List

Prices & designs of Hand Painted Kettles from all online sellers Starting with Amazon:

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Here are some choices from Flipkart:

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From Snapdeal:

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Care Instructions

  • Mild hand wash from outside if you are using Vim (or similar detergent) on the painted tea kettles
  • Do not scrub on painted surface. We can use Colin etc. as long as you don’t scrub.
  • Its best to use soft cotton cloth dabbed with few drops of water to make it moist
  • Normal wash from inside, a little bit of water pressure is enough to clean
  • Needless to say, if you serve tea, ask your maid to wash it soon after use to avoid foul smell later
  • Do not use very hot water while washing
  • Never use it for boiling tea / water as that will permanently damage the paint

Decoration Ideas Video

I thought I should put some video on ideas to use these Hand Painted Kettles, hence embedded this one I found on Youtube:

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