Men’s Watch Buying Guide

Step 1 : Know what you need:

  1. When will you be wearing it? – Few choices could be – Sports, Office, Meetings, Party, Clubs
  2. Do you already have other watches for some occasions?– If you already have a steel strap – Consider going for a leather strap this time
  3. Do you like Digital display watches – or do you like high end smart features of a Smart watch? – Digital watches do have a ‘child-like’ air around them, however, it suits some hands brilliantly
  4. Lastly, what budget do you have in mind? – Getting the best product at best prices is easy nowadays. Since PaisaVasool is around, that is. 

Once you have answers to these questions, you will be able to choose which watch is perfect for you today.

 Step 2 : Choose type of watch:

Leather Strap Analog Watches are good for formal occasions like weddings, office and meetings. Black looks good in meetings and tan goes very well in weddings – both colors do equally good in office. Do bear in mind that if you sweat a lot, getting a high quality one or going for metal makes sense.

Metal Strap Analog Watches are best choices in Casual occasions and social visits – choose silver color for this. Golden is more suitable for weddings and parties especially if you want to show off.

Digital Watches suit best for sports. They can also do well in casual and social occasions if you have the flair.

Step 3 : Choose size of watch:

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