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Flip flops are an important part of our daily lives. These are essential footwear for our indoor movement. This gives all the more reason that your flip flops be comfortable. Traditionally, we Indians are accustomed to white Bata chappals with the blue sole and strap. Now, don’t they look nasty? Infact, they feel nastier than they look. I remember the feeling whenever I used to slip them on during my childhood days. It used to feel like something clawing at my feet, especially new Bata chappals. Worst of all, during rainy season, these traditional chappals would leave a spray of mud on the bottom part of pants. That was really YUCK! Thank Goodness that new alternatives to traditional chappals are now available – the new Lotto Flip flops.

These days, you don’t need to go out to your local store to buy a fancy pair of flip-flops. You can order them online. It is genuine, fast and 100% reliable. Lotto slippers are arguably the most famous and fashionable out of the lot.

Why Lotto Flip Flops?

To begin with, Lotto Flip flops are affordable. They come from a trusted brand which has a reputation of producing quality footwear. Second, they have good designs. Third and most importantly, they are comfortable. They are light yet sturdy. Nice look and feel. In fact it gives a good feeling even during wearing for long hours at one stretch as feet do not sweat. Bottom grip is very comfortable and the straps are soft. Due to the soft straps, it doesn’t leave ugly marks on your feet. So unlike Bata chappals which are actually no match for these. Durability is another plus point.

So, is it a Good Deal?

In most cases, considering you are not an abusive user, Lotto Slippers can serve you for more than 5 years or even more. What’s more, they are trendy and look great when paired with casual wear with three quarter pants or jeans. They aren’t as slippery as the other slippers, so you can take them for a ride in your car or bike. No problems there.

Now, that’s a lot of reasons to buy these Lotto flip flops. I have compiled a few choices for you below from which you can pick the right one which suits you.Its time now to replace those blue Bata chappals which look so bland. Its time to change. Its time to buy Lotto slippers.

Care Instructions

Although Lotto flip flops do not require any additional special care, there are a few things you can do to make your flip flops last longer –

  • Keep them away from Sun when not in use. This will keep their color intact. Contact with sunshine for prolonged hours makes your flip flops lose their brightness. It also hardens the rubber and makes it more brittle. So, it is useful to avoid leaving your Lotto flip flops on the veranda or on the roof-top.
  • Take them to the bathroom. Bathroom slippers are bathroom slippers because of a reason. They get cleaner and cleaner when under periodic bursts of shower. This I’m telling you by experience. 🙂
  • Never try to flatten them up while packing or stacking in your shoe-rack. That will spoil the entire balance of the flip flops and would damage the strap beyond repair. So be mindful of that. I’ve faced this a number of times and I can tell you its not very nice.

Lotto Flip Flops Price Comparison

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So that’s my humble review of Lotto Flip Flops for you. Hope you enjoy your new acquisition and if you do (or even if you don’t) tell us about it in the comments section below. Thank you!o

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