Lenovo A7700

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Lenovo A7700
Rs. 7,479

Lenovo A7700 is a new Android smartphone launched recently in the Indian market.  Since it has a 5.5 inch screen, this phone falls into the category of Phablets. It has a fast 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage space. Besides having the latest version of Android Marshmellow, this phone is powered by a quad core processor. Therefore, it looks like a good deal at affordable price. Let’s see the scores for Lenovo A7700 and then we will move to the pros and cons, price comparison, etc.

6.9 Total Score
Good 4G Dual SIM Phablet

This phablet suits those who want good RAM as well as large screen. 4G compatibility and latest OS make this phone a very good deal.

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Lenovo A7700 Features

This phablet certainly has good features which can outsmart higher priced ones. So, let us take a look at few key features of the A7700 smartphone.

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Lenovo A7700 Pros & Cons

Although this phone is quite worth the money, yet it is not free from flaws. I have penned down a few to help you make a purchase decision. Do let me know in the comments section below if you feel otherwise on any point. Or even for some advice.

  • Its a Dual SIM phablet and both SIMs are 4G compatible. So, you can use it with Jio or Airtel.
  • Based on latest Android Marshmellow operating system. Hence, the interface is very fast and interactive.
  • Lava brand plus slick 1 Giga Hertz quad core processor and 16 GB RAM at a very affordable price. Hence it is both pocket friendly and value for money too.

  • It has a very average battery life since battery is only 2900 mAh. Thus, you need to keep charging off and on.
  • 16GB storage space might be less if you plan to use a enormous number of apps. However, the memory can be expanded using a 32 GB MicroSIM card.
  • Cameras are very ordinary, especially the selfie camera since it is only 2 MP.

Lenovo A7700 Price Comparison

This is a fast phone. Slim body coupled with black color looks classy. Besides, the 5.5 inch screen makes it good for videos and pictures. The large size also makes it look stylish. Maybe that’s why its selling like hot cakes. If you are looking for lower priced phablet, take a look at Lava X28.

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Lenovo A7700 Customer Reviews

Here are customer reviews from Amazon. You can check out what other people think about the Lenovo A7700 Dual SIM phablet.

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