Kaps Acoustic Guitars

Kaps Guitars are an affordable range of beginner’s Guitars which have gained some market here in India. These guitars have good quality look and feel and most models come with built-in pick-up and tuner, so that you don’t have to buy them separately. Kaps Guitars have a sharp and full bodied sound quality. It is always advisable to change strings as soon as you purchase your guitar, which goes for both online and in-store purchases.

Kaps Guitar List

Kaps ST – 1CM

kaps guitars-st1cm

The range of Kaps Guitars begins with the Kaps ST-1CM model. This is a 39 inch cutaway guitar with a pyne wood top. Ofcourse, it is laminated wood, not solid.  The fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood. It is just about a beginner’s guitar – nothing fancy.

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Kaps ST-1CMR

This is a variant of above model. It has built in tuner and pickup, which is cool. But this guitar has really old school tuning pegs:

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Kaps ST – 10AC

kaps guitars-act

This is just the 40 inch version of the earlier guitars. Rest is all same. The laminate wood and construction, everything ditto, just 1 inch bigger and has pickup. Hence, you can play it with amplifier systems too.

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Check out better Acoustic Guitars at similar price range – Aria Acoustic Guitars and Pluto Acoustic Guitars.

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Kaps ST1000C

The Kaps ST1000C is a nice and affordable 41 inch acoustic guitar with pre-fitted pick up and rosewood fretboard. Nice sound, look & feel with cutaway design. Must check it out for serious learners.

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What are Kaps Guitars Made of ?

Just like 90% of today’s guitars, Kaps Guitars are made of laminated spruce. It is a kind of a laminated wood or compressed wood. Thus, Spruce brings the cost of the Guitar down to affordable level. This is the reason you will find so many cheap guitars in the market. However, for learning purposes Spruce does the job effectively. Kaps Guitars are such a hit due to affordability. Most choices of Kaps Guitars listed above have rosewood neck with Rosewood fingerboard. This is a nice combination. Therefore, it is common in acoustic guitars nowadays. Furthermore, Kaps Guitars have steel tuning keys. Hence, there is no fear of rusting or corrosion.

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What to check before buying?

There are a few important things you should check before buying Kaps Guitars

  • Firstly, some of the Kaps Guitars don’t come with installed pick-up, so you may not be able to plug it into a speaker system or Cube Amplifiers. If it reads Semi-Acoustic it means that it has pre-installed Pick-up.
  • Secondly, a few combo offers are available and listed from the online stores above. These offers keep changing so before buying check all the combo offers carefully

What to do after buying?

A lot of users gave low ratings to guitars online. Many people said that stock strings were rusted or not in tune. Hence the 1 or 2 star ratings. That happens because these ignorant people don’t follow certain basics –

  • First thing to do is to tune and check the Action (check distance between the fretboard and strings)
  • De-tune and change strings. You should always do this on a new guitar, irrespective of the brand
  • Adjust truss rod if you found that action is high or too low
  • Wipe the entire guitar with a clean, dry cloth and then tune
  • Once tuned, enjoy the Music !

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