Kadence Acoustic Guitars

Kadence Guitars are an upcoming brand of Guitars which have just started trending here in India. These guitars have good quality look and feel and have the ability to turn heads once you start playing. The sound quality of Kadence Guitars is soothing but with a bright tone, which means you may have to go for higher gauge strings in case you are looking for a bass heavy sound output. However, as it is always advisable to change strings as soon as you purchase your guitar, (which goes for both online and in-store purchases) you can then itself choose the right stings for your new Kadence Guitar.

List of Kadence Acoustic Guitars

Kadence Frontier Series

kadence guitar-frontier-series

Kadence Frontier series is the lowest one in Kadence Acoustic Guitars. These are basically combo 6-stringers made just for the enthusiast who need the whole sole package for less price. Aimed at the beginner, the Kadence frontier series gives away lot of free-bees which cost a lot of money if bought separately. Thus, I suggest beginners to go for this combo. Also read my recommendations at the end of this article. That will ensure you don’t face problems while learning to play the guitar.

The guitar has cutaway design, fitted tuner and pick-up and also comes with bag. Some sellers offer plectrums and set of strings and strap also. But I advice to go for least price combo.

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Kadence Slowhand Series

kadence guitar slowhand series

Kadence Slowhand series is an innovation in itself. It is one step ahead of the usual Cutaway model. There is an arc where your hand can access the higher frets above 12th and it is not full cutaway even. Sound-wise this guitar is better than the Frontier series. This is because of the wood quality. It comes with Mahogany, Cedar and Spruce wood construction. Neck is primarily maple and fingerboard is rosewood.


Tuner and pick up is pre-installed just like the Frontier series. This one feels and looks better obviously. Infact Kadence seems to have worked on the tuning pegs as well. The tuning pegs on Kadence Slowhand Guitar look better than Frontier series guitars. Holds tune longer too.

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What are Kadence Guitars Made of ?

To begin with, the body of low-priced Kadence Guitars is all spruce, which is a kind of a laminated wood or compressed wood found in 90% of today’s Guitars. Laminated Spruce brings the cost of the Guitar down to affordable level and hence you will find so many cheap guitars in the market. However, for learning purposes laminate does the job effectively for you and that is the reason why Kadence Guitars are such a hit. Most choices of Kadence Guitars listed above have Maple / Nato neck with Rosewood fingerboard which is a great combination and is prevalent in most acoustic guitars nowadays. The keys on Kadence Guitars are made of steel so that there is no fear of rusting or corrosion.

kadence guitar tuning pegs

What to check before buying?

There are a few important things you should check before buying Kadence Guitars

  • Some of the Kadence Guitars don’t come with installed pick-up, so you may not be able to plug it into a speaker system or Cube Amplifiers
  • Secondly, there are a few combo offers listed from the online stores above. These offers keep changing so before buying check all the combo offers carefully

What to do after buying?

There are a lot of user reviews and low ratings on guitars online which say that the stock strings were rusted or not in tune. That happens because these ignorant people don’t follow certain basics –

  • First thing to do is to tune and check the Action (check distance between the fretboard and strings at 12th fret or so)
  • De-tune and change strings – always do this on a new guitar, irrespective of the brand
  • Adjust truss rod if you found that action is high or too low (if the guitar you purchased has truss rod)
  • Wipe the entire guitar with a clean, dry cloth and then tune. You can use the Android app Guitar Tuna. They have an iOS version too. It is a great free app to tune guitars.
  • Once tuned, enjoy the Music !

FAQs regarding Kadence Guitars

Mr. Karthik wrote to us a few days earlier. He had a query.

“Between Kadence Frontier and Juarez Guitars, which is better?”

My answer to this was another question – For whom the guitar is required? Height / age etc. His reply was –

“The Guitar is required for a person 25 years old height 4 feet, 10 inches and short arms.”

My recommendation to him was –

Juarez guitars are better in that case since they have small frame and light weight.”

In another query over mail, Ms Neha asked –

“I am a beginner and don’t want to spend much. Between Givson, Ashton and Kadence which one is better?”

My immediate answer to her was –

“Go for Kadence Guitar – it is the cheapest combo so no need to buy stuff separately and is definitely better than Givson.”

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Gaurav is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Diploma in Operation Management from IIM, Kozhikode. With a flair for Music and Musical Instruments, he has expertise in building Home Studios. He is an avid Guitarist and Sound Mixing fanatic. He also happens to be the founder of PaisaVasool.

  1. Sir Gaurav, what about stagg guitar? is stagg good for beginners? I’m totally confused sir. pls. help me.

    • There are a lot of guitars which are good for beginners. Stagg has a basic beginner series which is good. However, I would recommend trying out other guitars as well before you go for the decision to own one. Take out time to see what works out best for you. Read reviews, play them in a store. If you are comfortable with the instrument, brand doesn’t matter much.

  2. Hey… I m 20 years ago… 5 feet… Can u please recommend a size of the guitar I should take… And kadence are the good one… Should I go for it?

  3. Hey bro i am 24 n m looking for a good acoustic guitar my budget is 5k plzzz suggest me some value for money brand????its urgent

  4. hi there?
    can u please tell me which one is better between Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, 39 inch Cedar Top vs Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar, 44 inch Black Spruce Top?

  5. Hey Gaurav .. I was planning to buy Kadence Frontier Series guitar but I read a review that says :

    Major drawback I felt is the painfully high action. Action means, the height of strings from the fretboard. It is painful to press the strings right from the start while playing chords. This should be reduced by the manufacturer.

    Is this true ?

    • Hi Sudiptaa, I am not sure where you read that, but I can tell you this – the piece which was delivered by my vendor came with medium action. So, while playing the instrument I didn’t find much problem related to high Action. Also, the guitar comes with adjustable truss rod so that you can easily adjust the action using an “Ellen key” (L shaped key used by carpenters) Moreover, if the action is very low, it creates lot of unwanted string noise. So even if you buy the Kadence Frontier Series guitar online, don’t worry, the action can be adjusted anytime. Hope I could be of help to you 🙂

  6. Hi gaurav this is biswajit ghosh from kolkata.. i want to learn guitar so i want to buy.. i want a guitar with pickup.I searched and find fender sa105ce and kadence sh03 good based on review and online listening. Which one is good by sound wise and technically wise.please suggest me .my budget is 9000inr.If you have anything other recomendation then pls tell me.. It will really help me..And one more thing between the string and fretboard their is a gap what do you thing which guitar gap is less because less gap will help us to press the string. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Biswajit, reading through your requirements, I would suggest to go for the Fender guitar as its build quality is better. Also check out – Ibanez -http://paisavasool.biz/ibanez-v50njp/ this one comes in a very good combo pack which is helpful for beginners. Hope I could help you out 🙂

  7. Which among Juarez, Jixing and Kadence is better for an 18-year old beginner?

    • Hi Aditi, between these three guitars, I would recommend Kadence because the wood quality is better than Juarez or Jixing. Their guitars are also quite consistent in sound quality so – easy decision. Happy guitaring !!

  8. Hey dear Gaurav, can you please give a review on Kaps guitars, Grail guitars? Available in Amazon with the same price range.

  9. Hi. I wanted to know if you have tried the Traveler version of Kadence. Is it good? I was thinking of buying it for a winter trek.

  10. Comment
    Ajinkya Uttarwar
    November 8, 2016 at 15:15

    Hello Gaurav,I want to buy an acoustic Guitar within a price range of 8k,nd i need built in pick up and in case of sound I need balanced trable nd bass and good sustain..I’ve came across these Slowhand series by Kadence nd heard some good reviews..Which Guitar u think is best for my requirements and is it good to go with the Kadence?..P.S.-You’ve got some awesome articles on the guitars bro,Kudos…

    • Hi Ajinkya, Thanks for the compliments and thanks for asking this question. For your requirement, have a look at this http://paisavasool.biz/aria-acoustic-guitars/#aria-awn-15c-amp-ce – See the AWN 15 CE model. It fits your budget as well as provided with built in pick-up. For a nice, balanced sound try to use medium gauge stings on these guitars. Aria makes wonderful guitars and they get better and better over time. So happy guitaring 🙂 . Let me know in case any other help is required.

      • Hey! I had a doubt about which guitar is good. Hows the yamaha f310? or any good guitar you could guide me to.

        • Gaurav Kapoor
          January 29, 2017 at 08:48

          Hi Kapil, the Yamaha F310 is a very good guitar for beginners and mid pro level. Just get the action adjusted after you buy and use medium gauge strings for a clean, full sound.

  11. Comment
    Shikhar Pillai
    June 14, 2016 at 22:35

    Awesome collection !

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