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Juarez Guitars are one of those freshly manufactured in China and sold to India products that have flooded the market. These products have made musical instruments lie well within the range of cost-conscious Indian consumer. But many people think that since it has a Chinese label, the product quality may not be up to the mark. That is not the case. Let me tell you, major guitar manufacturers in the world use Chinese parts in their premium segment guitars.

Juarez Guitars are no exception. Juarez offers a wonderful Acoustic Guitar – JRZ38C which is at the entry level. This is meant to be a learner’s Guitar and ideal for first timers. You don’t have to invest much to learn and then you can later invest more money if you feel that a new instrument is required.

Juarez Guitars Review

4.5 Total Score
Cheap Small Guitar

Ideal choice in this price range for learning kids & people with short height wanting a first guitar

Sound Quality
Wood Quality
Tuning Peg Quality
Fret-board Smoothness
Extra Features
Price Range
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Although there are lot of positives, there are some negatives as well, so let me tell you the Pros and Cons of Juarez Guitar. Please bear in mind that this was my own observation while I was handling the instrument. Your experience might vary from mine. Nevertheless, in Guitars we have to trust our judgement.

  • Juarez guitars sport a light weight design. The weight is only 2Kg
  • Wonderful for short height people and kids
  • Manageable action for learners

  • Tuning pegs are not very good quality
  • Sound is biased toward treble side

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Check out better acoustic guitar at similar price – Kadence Frontier Series or Pluto Acoustic Guitars.

Tips & Tricks

  • Once you have made a decision to buy Juarez Guitar, go ahead and place the order from our links above. We will get in touch with the delivery team on your behalf and expedite the order. You just have to forward us the email you receive after placing the order. Our email id is customer1st@paisavasool.biz.
  • After you receive your Guitar, make sure to change strings at first use. The actual sound will be clear once you change strings. Use Guitar Tuna Android application or any similar from play store for tuning if you don’t have a tuner.
  • If you don’t have a stand, always put the guitar against the wall with hole facing towards the wall. This will ensure that there is counter-balance to string tension. Hence, this will avoid bending of the Guitar neck.

In the end, let me embed an unboxing video of Juarez Guitars. This will help you in deciphering what to expect when you get the guitar delivered.

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Gaurav is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Diploma in Operation Management from IIM, Kozhikode. With a flair for Music and Musical Instruments, he has expertise in building Home Studios. He is an avid Guitarist and Sound Mixing fanatic. He also happens to be the founder of PaisaVasool.

  1. How to change the string in case it is broken??

  2. i am confused between jixing and juarez for which i should go

    • Hi AKS, between these two guitars, Juarez is a bit better in my experience. Do let me know if you need any further assistance. Thanks.

  3. I placed the order for the guitar and received it on the next day itself. But i did not receive the accessories with it like the belt, spare strings and a pick. Whim should i contact about it. The dealer is not replying.

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