Jimm Acoustic Guitars

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Jimm Acoustic Guitars
Rs. 4,900 Rs. 7,500

Jimm Acoustic Guitars are low cost beginner’s guitars in the segment of Hertz, Kadence and other Acoustic Guitars. The overall look and feel is good but I personally didn’t like the tuning pegs. These are made of cheap white plastic as shown below:


Jimm Acoustic GuitarsI recommend to replace these plastic ones with chrome tuning pegs. I liked the smoothness on the rosewood fingerboard which gets enhanced once you use some talcum powder. Just sprinkle some on your fingers and start playing. It will get way smoother. 🙂

Sound is good. A little bit on the thinner side but that may be due to my extra light gauge strings.

Jimm Acoustic Guitars Review

5.5 Total Score
Good Quality Beginner's Guitars

Made in China, these guitars are smooth and sound good. You need to set up the guitar once before starting to use it.

Sound Quality
Wood Quality
Tuning Peg Quality
Fret-board Smoothness
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  • Nice sound considering it is basswood
  • Fret-board is smooth

  • Tuning pegs are low quality plastic
  • Bit high action – you will need to set up the guitar after buying (as discussed below)

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Jimm Acoustic Guitars – FAQ

The body is made of cheap laminated Basswood. Laminate basswood is like compressed wood or artificial wood. Fingerboard or Fret-board is made of rosewood. I find the fingerboard kind of smoother than other guitars in this range. But the tuning pegs are pathetic. They have a plastic look and feel which seems will break easily under tension. You may want to replace the tuning pegs with chrome tuners as I said earlier.

What to check before buying?

There are few models which are cutaway and one or two which are not. So before choosing your Jimm Acoustic Guitar, take a few minutes to understand which one you want. Typically, cutaway is better than full dreadnought because you can touch higher notes with relative ease.

What to do after buying?

If I were you, I would spend a couple of hundred rupees to replace the plastic tuning pegs and to get the action right. You can do that at a local store near you. Infact, you can do it at home. There are a few Youtube videos available for this. Let me embed one for your convenience.

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