Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

When you listen to Ibanez Acoustic Guitars, you can tell the brand without looking at the headstock. That’s exactly how this particular brand works. While they have guitars in all ranges, I will speak first about their introductory beginner level combo pack – the Ibanez V50NJP – NT and then the other models.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars are available in lots of different colors with minor price differences. So there is a lot of variety to choose from. There is sunburst, natural and black also.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars List

Ibanez V50NJP-NT Combo

ibanez acoustic guitar-v50njp

This combo comes with a guitar, gig-bag, clip-on electronic tuner, strap, pouch and 5 picks. All the arsenal you need to set a stage on fire. Lol, that was dramatic. But quite true when you look at the price 🙂

Well, to begin with, this guitar has a laminated spruce top. Laminated wood is nothing but compressed wood or artificial wood. The back and sides are made of laminated mahogany though, which is quite good and that ensures a good, full sound. The tuners are better quality than other beginner guitars of this range such as the basic model of Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar. In fact I think this feature places the Ibanez acoustic guitars a notch above its Yamaha counterpart.

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Ibanez PF15 Performance Series

ibanez acoustic guitar-pf15

The Ibanez Performance Series PF15 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar comes with Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Wood quality is better than the V50 combo guitar and that reflects in its sound quality as well. This guitar doesn’t come in combo. However, at this price you can’t ask for more. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and even. Playing these Ibanez acoustic guitars requires less effort, especially for beginners.

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Check out an alternative to PF15 Ibanez Acoustic Guitars – Fender CD60.

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Ibanez PF15ECE Cutaway

ibanez acoustic guitar-pf15ece

The Ibanez PF15ECE is the electro-acoustic, cutaway version of Ibanez PF15 which I showed earlier. Everything else is same. This guitar is real bang for the buck. It negates all the CONS of PF15 and is a brilliant guitar for middle level guitarists. I highly recommend this one for people who are looking to upgrade from beginner to pro level.

I have played it for hours and never lost tune on this guitar. The feel is sturdy and has a good grip. The action is comfortable too. If you want a guitar which serves you well for long, this is made for you.

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Check out an alternative to PF15ECE Ibanez Acoustic Guitars – Fender CD60CE.

Care Instructions

If you take care of your guitar, it will take care of you. Don’t forget to tune your Acoustic Guitar every time you pick it up. When not in use, try to make it a habit to loosen the strings. This will keep the guitar free from damage for a long time. When ever you change strings, make it a point to clean your guitar thoroughly.

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  1. Fender cd60ce or ibanez pf15ece nt semi acoustic model is a better option for a mid lebel player?

  2. What would be better for a middle level guitarist? I’m looking for a guitar with bright acoustic sound that sounds more like a Jumbo guitar(i mean the one without more on treble side which sounds too thin that it gets so freaking iritating). Fender CD140SCE or Ibanez PF15ECE or any other guitar around 15-20k. What would you suggest?

  3. I am planning to buy quick starter pack of ibanez. Can you please tell between fender squier and ibanez which is better?

    • Hi Tirtha, although both models of the guitars you mentioned are good. My personal tilt is more towards Ibanez V50 rather than Fender Squier. But I think you won’t go wrong with any one of these. Both of them are equally good. If in doubt, it is best to visit the guitar shop and test each one out. The one which you are more comfortable – choose that one. All the best !

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