Hertz Acoustic Guitars

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Hertz Acoustic Guitars
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Hertz Acoustic Guitars are China made and aimed at the beginner guitarist. The body is made of laminated spruce. It is like a lower quality compressed wood. This makes the overall cost of guitar very affordable. Some websites have listed as linden wood but I seriously doubt that. Neck is made out of Nato and fretboard is rosewood which is good on paper actually. However, when I first took the guitar in my hands, I felt the HZA – 4010 a little light weight but sturdy. The action is good on this particular guitar which I came across. No need for adjustment there.

Hertz Acoustic Guitars Review

6 Total Score
Mid Level Electro Acoustic !

This guitar requires some setting up as discussed in tips section to actually make it sound better and make it easier to play.

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Tuning Peg Quality
Fret-board Smoothness
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  • Sound is good although the sustain is less than my taste.
  • Light-weight, yet sturdy construction. Grip of the neck is good which should enhance playing ability

  • Fretboard could be more smooth. There is an uneven roughness which I could reduce only by using Talcum powder
  • Secondly, I don’t like the Tuning pegs because sometimes I found tuning gets loose, especially after strumming a long duration

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Tips & Conclusion

Well, you can take a few steps to make this guitar really sound better:

  • Get the tuning pegs changed to chrome tuners as soon as you can. This will make your guitar hold its tune longer.
  • Change strings before first use and if required adjust truss rod. This way, action can be corrected especially if you are finding it difficult to play at higher frets.
  • Use talcum powder to make fret-board smoother. This will help for playing better since your fingers will require less pressure
  • Use guitar stand or make it lean against the wall with the hole facing towards the wall. This will ensure balance of string tension and neck will not be prone to bending.

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Gaurav is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Diploma in Operation Management from IIM, Kozhikode. With a flair for Music and Musical Instruments, he has expertise in building Home Studios. He is an avid Guitarist and Sound Mixing fanatic. He also happens to be the founder of PaisaVasool.

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  1. After thoroughly following the details in your reviews, I finally bought Hertz hza4010 guitar and could not have asked for a better first guitar. Your reviews were a great help. Keep doing what you do.
    You were right about the tuning pegs though, just proves that you really test the product and put sincere thought and effort. Kudos!

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