Granada Acoustic Guitars

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Granada Acoustic Guitars
Rs. 5,725

My first tryst with Granada Guitars was in the year 2014. My colleague had just bought the NT-1 Granada Guitar from local store in Kolkata. Later, he returned it and on my advice got the PRS-1 model online. In this review let me tell you why I advised him to do so. Firstly, NT-1 model was smaller in size, more apt for children. Secondly, its plastic-like feel put me off. Third and most importantly, NO truss rod! That was enough to make the case against this. So, off my friend went to return it. PRS-1 however is a different story. The PRS-1 model from Granada Guitars is more reliable and has a bright, soothing tone which is far, far better than NT-1 model. Here is my scoring for the PRS-1 model.


6.2 Total Score
Good for Learning

Nice guitar for learning. Rosewood fingerboard and Linden wood construction give the Granada Guitar its melodic sound which is a delight for every guitarist at this price point.

Sound Quality
Wood Quality
Tuning Peg Quality
Fret-board Smoothness
Extra Features
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For your convenience, I have embedded  video with sound test of Granada Guitar, so that you can make a judgement yourself:

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After a thorough inspection of my colleague’s guitar, I could note the following pros and cons. Hope they help you to decide:

  • Good sound maybe because its body is made of Linden wood which is shade better than compressed spruce
  • Rosewood fret-board is straight with low action and smooth – perfect for beginners

  • Low quality Tuning pegs – If you find that your tuning don’t hold for long, better get these replaced and get chrome tuning pegs installed
  • Uneven surface on the back and front. Finishing is not that great – but what else do you expect at such low price

Here is another video featuring Granada guitars which can give you some more idea of what to expect when you buy one of these.

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I am including prices of the PRS-1 model only. I don’t suggest the NT model for reasons shared above. I recommend Amazon due to their quick and customer friendly services. You are free to get you guitar from anywhere you want of-course.

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Tips for Granada Guitars

Like I always say, change strings before first use – because pre-installed strings are usually crap. Especially in low cost guitars. Secondly, see if the action is high for you. This can be found by playing higher frets like say a B chord in Full Barre formation. If you find it very difficult to play, most probably action needs to be adjusted. Any music instrument shop can do it for very low cost. Also get the cheap tuning pegs replaced with chrome tuners which will give more strength to the guitar. And oh, use some talcum powder on your fingers and fretboard. This will make it smoother to play fast and hurt less 🙂 That is very useful for beginners actually.

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