Givson Acoustic Guitars

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Givson Acoustic Guitars
Rs. 4,000

When I first started learning guitar about 20 years ago, Givson Acoustic Guitars were the only brand easily available in Musical instrument stores. Manufactured in Kolkata (it was called Calcutta that time) these guitars could be seen in the hands of every budding guitarist. The name “Givson” suggests a cheap imitation of the world famous brand “Gibson”. And that is what this guitar is all about. A cheap imitation. After the free market economy of Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was Finance Minister that time, foreign products started entering India. Guitars also were no exception. Now, brands like Hertz, Juarez, Jixing, Pluto and Granada are available which are giving tough competition to Givson Acoustic Guitars. And rightly so.

Givson Acoustic Guitars Review

So, let me give you a review of Givson Acoustic Guitars. First of all, Givson has a rough-ish fret board probably due to low quality. They call it rosewood but I have doubts about that. The body is made of plywood. At one time it used to be better quality. Now, due to fierce competition in the market, the quality has gone down like anything. This is the reason why I would never recommend Givson Acoustic Guitars for you. You can check out Juarez / Jixing or Kadence guitars in case you are hard pressed for money. For those who still want to see my scores for Givson, here are the scores:

4.8 Total Score
Cheap Guitars

I recommend these guitars only when you have no other options. Otherwise there are many guitars I have linked to which are better than these and at same price range

Sound Quality
Wood Quality
Tuning Peg Quality
Fret-board Smoothness
Extra Features
Price Range
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I am also including a video for your convenience. Have a look and listen to the sound quality so that you can take a decision.

  • Low priced – affordable for beginners and parts / service is available everywhere in India
  • Few models are pre-fitted with pick-up and volume control. Hence, you can plug them into amp kits, etc.

  • Ply wood constructed body. This means that this guitar is not very sturdy and the sound will be devoid of Bass frequencies
  • Rough fret board – means difficult for beginners unless you use talcum powder

Apart from your local store, Givson Acoustic Guitars are available on Amazon, Snapdeal & Flipkart as well. We recommend Amazon, since it is the most trusted and prompt convenient store for online purchase. Here is the price list of Givson Acoustic Guitars:

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Tips for Givson Acoustic Guitars

If you did go for Givson Acoustic Guitars by any chance, do keep in mind to do the following to give you better output from your guitar:

  • Change strings before first use and if possible, use light gauge strings.
  • You can check the action. You can adjust it easily, if required.
  • Use talcum powder on fret board to make it more smoother for playing.

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