Fender CD140SCE

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Fender CD140SCE is an impeccably admirable guitar from Fender Acoustic guitars line-up. It is also my favorite in the line simply because of the value it gives. Firstly, this guitar is made of solid wood – no laminate. This is the mark of a professional quality acoustic guitar. Moreover, the Fender CD140SCE has a solid spruce top with Mahogany back and sides. Secondly, it has a cutaway design which enables me to play licks in the higher fret zone. Thirdly, it has in-build pick-up and tuner. Fourthly, the tuning pegs are made of die cast. Hence it is very sturdy and yet easy to tune. True value for the price!

Sound-wise this guitar is awesome with deep bass and mid-range tones. Basically owing to the presence of Mahogany wood. When used with good quality strings, its enhanced sonic qualities are a treat to the ear. Furthermore, action and rosewood fingerboard make it very smooth to play. Thus, guys who have crossed the beginner stage in Guitars will love this.

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Solid Wood Guitar

Made of solid wood – no laminate. This is the mark of a professional quality acoustic guitar. Sound-wise this guitar is awesome with deep bass and mid-range tones.

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Fender CD140SCE Features

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I have also embedded a video of this guitar for your convenience. You can make a decision based on the sound quality and also the pros and cons I have listed below.

Fender CD140SCE Pros & Cons

  • Very warm and sustained sound because of Solid wood construction
  • Pre-fitted Fishman pickup and tuner. The electronic circuitry of Fender CD140SCE is amazing with high signal to noise ratio.
  • Comes in a convenient full sized cutaway model.

  • This package does not contain any accessories.

Fender CD140SCE Price Comparison

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Fender CD140SCE Customer Reviews

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