Fender Acoustic Guitars

Fender Acoustic Guitars are extremely well known around the world for their superior built quality and immaculate sound. Infact Fender guitars are used by many professionals on-stage as well as off-stage. All Guitars in the Fender Acoustic Guitars product line are sturdy and smooth. Furthermore, finishing quality is very evident the moment you hold the instrument in your hands. In this review, the idea is to take you through each model with its individual pros and cons, pricing, etc. after a general review score.

Sometimes brands position themselves in such a manner that the products from that brand receive total trust. Fender is one such brand when it comes to guitars. Pick one up from this list of Fender Acoustic Guitars and you will never regret this purchase ever.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Review

I have consulted couple of other guitarists and taken their views into consideration while preparing this in-depth review of Fender acoustic guitars. I hope our collective wisdom will help you to buy a suitable guitar for your needs. Basically, the starting range of Fender acoustic guitars is only about 7 to 8 thousand Rupees at the time of writing. This is an awesome price point for beginners and goes all the way up to cater serious professional players as well.

Fender Acoustic Guitars List

Fender Squier SA105

Fender Squier SA105 is the entry level series of Fender acoustic guitars. Although many people hold the opinion that these are ‘pseudo’ Fenders. However, the look and feel and especially the sound will make you feel like it is a bona-fide member of the Fender acoustic guitars family. The Fender Squier SA 105-N is a ‘Dreadnought’ shaped, no-frills guitar. It is an ideal guitar for beginners to take them through chord progressions and licks on to the next level.

6.2/10 Read review
62 %
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Check out an alternative acoustic guitar in similar price range – Ibanez V50NJP.

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Fender CD60

Fender CD60 is actually the first ‘real’ Fender guitar in this list. Again, this is a no-frills guitar. It is very basic but there is all that you need for good practice. This model also comes in Laminated Spruce top but the sides and back are laminated Mahogany, a small improvement over the Fender Squier SA105. Furthermore, the fingerboard is made of smooth rosewood.

Usually this model is sold with Gig bag and 1 year warranty. It’s die cast chrome tuners are also of premium quality. The mahogany presence gives a lot of substance to the sound of this guitar. Die cast chrome tuners ensure continuity of the tuning over long hours of playing. Wood used is laminated and not solid wood. This has its own disadvantages because the sound gets bit muffled due to glue and pasting. However, this guitar still sounds cool and is perfect for jam sessions and tracking in home studios

60 %
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Fender CD60CE

This is the Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Variant of CD60. Fender CD60CE guitar comes with cutaway shape as well as in-built pick up for use with an amplifier. Cutaway design ensures that you can reach the high notes above 14th fret with ease. Furthermore, all the material used in CD60CE is same as that of CD60 guitar except the electronics. The hallmark of these Fender Acoustic guitars is the Fishman pickup system with active onboard preamp, tuner, volume and tone controls. This is a wonderful add-on and ofcourse it also comes with price. Fishman pickup system is a huge advantage as this is quite good quality pick-up. Tuner volume and tone controls are also included. Again, as I said in case of CD60, solid wood construction would have been better than laminated wood, but then the overall price would have gone up.

6.2/10 Read review
62 %
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Fender CD100CE

Fender CD100CE is the first guitar in this list which has some presence of solid wood. It has a mix of solid and laminate spruce wood top. The back and sides are made of laminated Mahogany. This guitar looks like the Fender CD60CE. However, there are slight differences. Besides the Fishman pickup system, tuner and volume, this guitar comes with bass and treble controls as well. Had this been a more expensive instrument, it would have solid sides and back as well. That would make a difference in the lower resonances.

However, the difference is not huge. The build is of the highest quality that one would expect from the fender brand name. Although you shouldn’t expect much from the included strings. Better change them once you receive the guitar. Besides the Fishman pickup system, tuner and volume, this guitar comes with bass and treble controls as well. Addition of Bass and treble controls in the side panel is cool.

6.5/10 Read review
65 %
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Fender FA-100

Firstly, let me tell you, Fender FA100 is a bit to overly priced for India. I will be very straightforward with you on this. Better go for Fender CD100 or Squier SA105. Since they are more affordable. And even if budget is not a concern, then also, CD60CE will serve you much better than FA100. Since Fender CD60CE one has cutaway as well as pick-up.

Why I don’t recommend?

Now, let me tell you why I don’t recommend FA-100 (even though you might find lot of review sites recommending it). Firstly, around Rs. 22,000 INR can fetch a solid top guitar rather than a laminated one. Between laminate and the real, full solid wood there is a lot of difference. Maybe a novice ear won’t be able to pick the sound difference. But as you gain more exposure to various cool sounding guitars, laminated wood guitars will feel like crap. LOL

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Fender CD140SCE

This is an impeccably admirable guitar from Fender Acoustic guitars line-up. It is also my favorite in the line simply because of the value it gives. Firstly, this guitar is made of solid wood – no laminate. This is the mark of a professional quality acoustic guitar. Moreover, the Fender CD140SCE has a solid spruce top with Mahogany back and sides. Secondly, it has a cutaway design which enables me to play licks in the higher fret zone. Thirdly, it has in-build pick-up and tuner. Fourthly, the tuning pegs are made of die cast. Hence it is very sturdy and yet easy to tune. True value for the price! Furthermore, action and rosewood fingerboard make it very smooth to play. Thus, guys who have crossed the beginner stage in Guitars will love this.

7.3/10 Read review
73 %
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For beginners I recommend going for Fender Squier FA 105

Those beginners who want a cutaway design guitar, I recommend them Fender CD60CE

For Pros and Mid – level players, I seriously say, put more budget and get the Fender CD140SCE and you won’t regret it ever!

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