Answers to some basic questions you might have:

1) What are the kind of products which get listed on Paisa Vasool ?

We have begun with Books, Mobile phones, laptops, fashion, musical instruments & furniture. Some sub-categories which we are planning to include are listed in the Related Categories section. We are soon planning to expand to Kids apparels & accessories including Toys. Eventually, Paisa Vasool will cater to a vast variety of product categories based on constant feedback from you.

2) How frequently are prices updated?

Prices are updated once everyday for Electronic gadgets & once in 2 days for other categories. These timings have been selected keeping in mind the balance between our resources and optimum customer experience – So that nothing comes between you and your wishes.

3) Why are there very few products in some categories?

We don’t list products without some preliminary research. We parse reviews and mentions about the product from credible sources and use this information to create our product pages. In case of fashion products, we list only in-stock and genuine products from reputed sellers. Each day we are entering more and more information and latest products to ensure that you get a Paisa Vasool experience every time you shop with us.

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