Chinese Gods Fuk Luk Sau

Who are these Chinese Gods?

There are many legends about the Chinese Gods Fuk Luk Sau – most popular of them depicts these three Gods as three wise men bestowed with special powers and energies to benefit humans. Let us meet them one by one in order to understand how they can bless our lives.

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The Chinese character Fuk means blessings of good luck, health and happiness. Fuk is the wise man that is often depicted holding either a scroll, or a child. There is a popular belief that Fuk is the personification of planet Jupiter, with all its associated energy of good luck and charm. The child symbolizes the handing down of this good luck to future generations. Furthermore, the scroll can be perceived as the importance of knowledge and learning.

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The meaning of Luk character in imperial China was salary. Therefore, he is the personification of stability, fame and success, as well as financial abundance. Luk is often depicted holding either a “ru yi”, symbol of power and authority, or a golden ingot, a popular wealth symbol.

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Sau means longevity. He is the wise old man usually depicted with a very high forehead and a warm smile on his face. Sau is said to signify longevity since he is very old. He generally holds a staff and also brandishes a peach (considered a symbol of immortality).

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Ideal Placement at home

If you have a high table / mantelpiece in the drawing room, that would be the ideal throne for these gentlemen. Make sure that you place them on a high shelf or surface with proper visibility. Feng Shui experts consider it disrespectful and bad omen to place the Chinese Gods Fuk Luk Sau on low surfaces. Hence, places like Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom are best avoided.

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Fuk Luk Sau are always placed in a row in a specific order. Firstly, to the left comes Fuk, with all the blessings and good luck energy. Luk is always in the center, with the promise of success and financial stability. Lastly, Sau is to the right, smiling and offering the gifts of longevity and peaceful life.

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Even though designated as Chinese Gods, there is no ritual suggesting prayers to Fuk Luk Sau, but obviously, they are to be treated with due respect.

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As with most Feng Shui, if you take them in the right spirit, they bestow upon you long life, fame and fortune. This is because they create positive vibes through strong symbolism. Hence, the Chinese Gods Fuk Luk Sau are surrounded by a happy feeling. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t look for miracles at once. Feng Shui demands patience, hence it may take some time before you see some changes in your life. Just pick one from the choices we have offered you. Look for one you connect most with and let the Feng Shui magic work for you.

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