Ashton Ukulele

Ashton Ukulele is a quality product from Australian company Ashton. They produce quality low cost acoustic guitars as well as other musical instruments. Ashton ukulele are also quite sturdy and sound good. Furthermore, these ukulele are perfect for beginners.

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Affordable - Made for Beginners

These ukulele are affordable but delicate instruments. Apt for beginners who don't want to spend too much.

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Ashton Ukulele Sizes

Ashton Ukulele - different sizes

There are four main sizes of Ukulele. Firstly, let us start with the Suprano style. This is the most common size of ukulele. It is 20 inches long. Sound-wise, the suprano ukulele is biased towards treble, owing to its small size and small sound-hole. Next comes the concert ukulele, which is three inches taller, 23 inches long. Since the frets have more space between them, therefore, the concert ukulele is much easier to play. Moreover, it is louder than suprano ukulele and has a heavier bass response.

Tenor ukulele comes in 26 inch length. This kind of ukulele sounds more like a small sized acoustic guitar. Such kind of sound gels well with acoustic tracks during recording. Thus, many professional musicians prefer tenor ukulele. Lastly, baritone ukulele are 30 inches long. They obviously sound much deeper and full as compared to other ukulele. However, baritone ukulele are not very popular nowadays.

Ashton Ukulele List

Ashton Suprano Ukulele

Ashton Ukulele suprano

These suprano ukulele come in a variety of colors which includes mahogany too. Ashton suprano ukulele are make out of plywood so don’t expect much from it. Try to change the strings as soon as possible and be a little light with tuning because the bridge is weak. Also, release tension on the strings when you are not playing it.

Ashton Ukulele suprano blue

This affordable ukulele comes with a matching gig bag too. I am including a photograph of that too.

Ashton Ukulele suprano bag

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There is another variant of Ashton Suprano ukulele. This one has an inbuilt pickup and and tuner with volume and tone control. Furthermore, the overall built quality is far better.

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Ashton Concert Ukulele

Ashton Ukulele concert

As I told you before, concert ukulele are longer than supranos and easier to play. Hence, buying the concert model of Ashton ukulele makes a lot of sense. Built quality of these ukulele is good and the sound is wonderful too.

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