Aria Acoustic Guitars

First of all let me tell you, sometimes I feel these online stores don’t understand the way to sell guitars. They hardly put sufficient information on the product pages so that customers can decide which one is best for them. Aria Acoustic Guitars is one such example. But today I will try to demystify any doubts /apprehensions about Aria Acoustic Guitars. So let me begin with a general scoring and then take you through the specifics of each model. So hang on!

Aria Acoustic Guitars Review

Aria is a reputed brand when it comes to mid-range affordable acoustic guitars. These guitars are imported, mostly from China and Indonesia, although the company is Japanese. Some of the models are wonderful stuff while some are well, average. So, I will give a lump sum scoring to the brand par-se. After that, we will discuss in detail which is better and which is not.

List of Aria Acoustic Guitars

I have seen better guitars than these. But Aria guitars have few plus points as well if you select carefully. I have recommended one particular model at the end and also put pros and cons of each model to help you decide the best guitar for your need.

Aria Blackwood

Aria Blackwood is the lowest in the price range of Aria Acoustic guitars. Being the lowest priced, its quality is really questionable. Upon first use, the action was found to be high and after fixing that, the pasting threatened to come out. Sound-wise this guitar is ok, but nothing ear raising. I would suggest taking a look at Hertz or Kaps or even Granada in this price range. They are known to perform better than Aria Blackwood. Also, this guitar is not available in Amazon as on date.

3.8/10 Read review
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Aria Fiesta Acoustic Guitar

The fiesta Series marks a much better quality approach than the Blackwood. This is a decent guitar from the line of Aria Acoustic Guitars. It has Basswood top and sides with better quality tuning pegs and bridge. Therefore, these guitars give the feel of a much expensive guitar. Yet when it comes to sound, there is always something lacking. Also, Amazon seems to have hiked the prices a bit too much.

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Aria AWN 15C

The AWN series from Aria Acoustic Guitars is perhaps the best guitar in this list. First of all, the manufacturing quality of these aria acoustic guitars is quite good. The basswood quality is superior than most guitars in this range. Secondly, neck of this guitar made of Catalpa wood. Catalpa is soft with lot of resonance. Therefore there is a quality ring to the overall tone.

4.8/10 Read review
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Aria AWN 15CE

The only difference between AWN-15C and AWN-15CE is that the CE model comes with built-in pickup. Hence, this enables you to use the guitar with an Amplifier to make the sound louder. So, these are the Electro-Acoustic models. Which means these guitars are pre-fitted with pick-ups.

4.8/10 Read review
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My Recommendation for Aria Acoustic Guitars

My recommendation is to go for AWN series models if you have made up your mind on Aria. The one with pick up, that is the CE model above looks promising if you are within budget. At the end, let me embed a small video with a cover song recorded using Aria Acoustic Guitar. I hope this will help you know the sound quality better.

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  1. In Snap deal they have not written as Aria AWN 15 and price is also less. Is it some other guitar? Kindly suggest, I want to buy AWN15

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