Alice Guitar Plectrums Picks

Playing a guitar becomes fun when you start experimenting with the instrument. It is fun both for the player and the listener. In this experimentation, the plectrum or simply called ‘pick’ of the guitarist plays an important role. Alice Guitar picks are designed to make that role easier. Let’s see how.

How important is a guitar pick?

You can slow it down, you can guide it over the fretboard, as you please. Picks can redefine how you play your guitar. As you go near the bridge, your pick makes shrill, treble-heavy sound on the guitar’s strings. If you need more bass, just make your pick pluck the strings over the sound hole. You can control the overall tone of your acoustic guitar with such simple tricks. All supported by your pick. Isn’t that awesome?

Alice Guitar Picks Review

Alice guitar picks are made of Nylon mostly. They have a firm grip but can be slippery at times. If your fingers sweat a lot, I would rather suggest you Fender Guitar Picks. Otherwise, if your fingers don’t sweat too much, alice guitar picks are good for you.  Alice guitar picks come in various colors like red, orange, blue etc. Color, however is a personal choice. The thickness of the pick is more important. Alice picks come in 0.58mm / 0.71 mm / 0.81mm / 0.96mm / 1.2 mm and 1.5mm. I personally recommend lesser thickness for strumming acoustic guitars and medium thickness like 0.81 mm for lead or electric guitars.

Deals from Online Stores in India

Here I have included deals from all our online shops in India. You can choose the cheapest option. Just check one where delivery cost + deal is less. Their terms keep changing actually. But most good deals are here.

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That’s all from my side today. Be sure to check out other musical instruments at and do let us know in case you require any assistance to buy stuff online in India. Thanks!

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