AKG Perception 220

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AKG Perception 220
Rs. 16,000 Rs. 20,000

AKG Perception 220 is a very handy microphone from one of the best mic manufacturers in the world, AKG. This is an awesome mic for mid range and professional studio owners. It has lot of features besides its good sensitivity offered at its current market price. Price of this mic has come down since it is being discontinued globally. However, it will remain in circulation in India for some time. So, you can go for this mic in case you need something good within a tight budget. Frequency response curve of this mic is very linear apart from minor trough at 80 Hz and a minor coloration above 6 KHz. Thus, AKG Perception 220 is most suitable for lead vocals, acoustic guitar and brass instruments. You can also use it in a variety of other instrument recordings as discussed below.

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Awesome Mic

This is an awesome piece by AKG, one of the most renowned brand in the music world. This mic is made especially for the pro recordists as a second or third mic.

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AKG Perception 220 Features

The Perception P220 represents the most popular and successful microphone within the Perception Series. It comes with a spider-type shock mount in an aluminum carrying case. It is a One-inch large-diaphragm, true condenser microphone. The front of the mic has two switches on it. One is the 20 db attenuation pad which can be used to reduce gain while recording drums or distorted guitars or any other loud sound source. The other is a bass cut filter to reduce low-end rumble and noise. Both of these are very handy in a recording room. Hence, this mic is true value for money when it comes to features. Some other features are given below:

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I have embedded a short video demo about the AKG P220 and how to fit it on a mic stand:

AKG Perception 220 Pros & Cons

  • Affordable mic from a very reputed brand. Hence, you can rely on the quality of this microphone.
  • It comes with 20 db padding as well as low end cut off switches. Thus, the application range of this mic is quite wide.

  • Does not come with pop filter and XLR cable. Therefore, you have to buy these accessories separately.
  • It does not have switchable polar pattern. Hence, it might not be suitable for ensemble type recordings.
  • This mic is being discontinued elsewhere in the world. Thus, it might hamper support issues later on.

AKG Perception 220 Price Comparison

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AKG Perception 220 Customer Reviews

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