Buying Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

When I was a young would-be guitarist, I would spend hours in Musical instruments shops looking for quality acoustic guitars. I didn’t buy them all ofcourse. I made it a point to test out a few guitars and come back buying a set of strings. People at the instruments shop were lenient those days. Nowadays its such a pain to go down to the shop only to find limited choices and hardly any time to make your decision before the shopkeeper loses patience. Buying a quality acoustic guitar for beginners is difficult these days.

So I though why not make a small buying guide kind of post to help you people out. The online market is full of different choices for acoustic guitars. In this post I will list out the better ones from all the guitars available. So lets get started.

Cheapest Chinese Guitar for Beginners

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - cheap chinese cutaway

If you are a penniless student and need to start playing guitar, there are few good options for you. Three best options for buying cheap acoustic guitar for beginners are Juarez, Jixing & Kadence.

Firstly, these three guitars come as a complete combo. Most combos have gig bag, strap, plectrums and extra strings together with the guitar. This makes it a good comprehensive package since you don’t have to buy these things separately. Secondly, these are shorter 38 inch guitars which are very suitable for beginners, mainly children and women. Third, these are cutaway models which allow the guitarist to reach higher frets than the 14th fret. Ofcourse, at this low price, you cannot get better wood guitar. These guitars are made from low quality plywood which is called laminated wood in the guitar making industry.

Therefore, you need to be more careful in keeping your guitar well away from damage. For this, I suggest to do the following –

  • Detune your guitar after practice. Just lower the tension on each string before storing it. This will prevent the neck from getting bent.
  • Secondly, keep the guitar safe from moisture or extreme weather. Otherwise pasting might come out which can damage guitar beyond repair.
  • Always try to change strings once in 2 months and use light gauge strings on these cheap guitars.

Here are the lowest prices online –

4.5/10 Read review
45 %
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4.2/10 Read review
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4.8/10 Read review
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Mid-range Foreign Guitar for Beginners

Buying Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - Mid range

If you can stretch your budget a little more, there are two good quality foreign guitars which are worth more than the price. First is the Australian made Ashton Acoustic Guitar and the second one is Japanese Aria Guitar. Both these acoustic guitars are aimed at the beginners who want to learn and play long-term but on a small budget. Just like the three cheap guitars listed above, Ashton and Aria have affordable small scale cutaway guitars. Both are 39 inch models and are made of laminated wood, albeit of a better quality. These 6 stringers are worth well above the cost you need to pay. Just click on the links below in case you want to go through the full review of each one before buying. Here are the least price buying links for each of these guitars. Please note that Ashton guitar is available in combo with gig bag and other free goodies. On the other hand, Aria guitar does not include any freebies.

5.8/10 Read review
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7.1/10 Read review
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Branded Guitar for Beginners

Buying Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - branded

If you have reached till this point, I am sure you are serious about your new found passion. If that is the case, around ten thousand bucks could land you a decent branded beginner guitar. I know, ten thousand is quite a lot to spend on a guitar, but the point is a decent brand comes with more advantages than you may think. Firstly, brands like Ibanez, Fender and Hofner conduct stringent Quality checks. Hence they make guitars which are more balanced in tone and other sonic features. Although laminated wood is used for construction of each of these guitars, still their performance is better. Finishing and workmanship on these guitars speaks for itself. So here are my recommendations for branded guitar packs –

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7.7/10 Read review
77 %
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I personally love the Ibanez combo because it comes with a lot of freebies. It is actually a complete starter pack which remains in your company for years. Fender and Hofner don’t come in combos but still are value for money. All three models are full sized dreadnought acoustic guitars for beginners. No frills. There is no electronics such as pick-up, tuner etc.

Solid Top Guitar

Buying Acoustic Guitar for Beginners - solid top

If cheap chinese guitars which I spoke about in the beginning are Maruti 800, than Solid top guitars can be named the Mercedes of Acoustic Guitars. Guitarists who have grown over laminated top guitars should consider solid top guitars on their wishlist. Solid wood guitars sound natural and sustain the notes naturally. These guitars are apt for stage performance as well as recording studio environment. Prices of these guitars have come down during past few year due to fierce competition and decreasing cost of production due to mass scale manufacturing. I recommend the following entry level solid top guitar for beginners who love to strum –

  1. Fender Semi – Acoustic Cutaway – Read full review of Fender Semi Acoustic Guitar
  2. Epiphone Semi – Acoustic Cutaway – Read full review of Epiphone Semi Acoustic Guitar

Both the Fender and Epiphone models listed below come is cutaway model, pre-fitted with pick-up. Thus, you can use these guitars as input to plug into an amplifier during live performance or practice. Both are excellent choices and huge value for money. Talking about money, here are the prices –

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