10 reasons why you should shop more online

Online Shopping Picture

“I’m sorry ma’am. I have already given you a 20% discount on 2999. That comes to 2399 rupees. That’s the best price we can offer you.”. The salesman was firm but polite. Sunanda simply nodded, and moved on – quite unlike her. There were days when she used to spend at least 20 – 30 minutes haggling away to glory on things which she had no interest in buying. She glanced back at the dress once more – “It is pretty – It will be mine very soon – not today – but very soon.” Sure enough, by the time she reached home, she had ordered the dress online for 1400 rupees. The dress would reach by Monday – well before her Wednesday party. She felt happy – contented.

Sunanda is one of those 15% shoppers who like to buy online. Rest 85% of Indian customers are slowly realizing the benefits of online purchase.


You get better deals online

This one is simply a no-brainer. Check the price of anything online and you will find it less then what the traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ store are offering. And why is it so? Partly because online retailers don’t have to bear cost of warehousing, sales people and other associated logistics. So their overheads are less. Another big reason is that most of the online sellers are offering huge promotional discounts and booking such additional costs under ‘Advertising expenses’


Your own logistics cost is zero

You don’t need to drive – you don’t need to park – you don’t need to beat the scorching heat. Too many incentives to shop online. Come to think of it you save minimum 1000 rupees if you don’t go to the mall and stay indoors to make your purchases online.


Every online purchase is equivalent to some reduction in carbon emission

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